Trish Rawn, RN 

I have been a nurse for 29 years (YIKES!). I attended Georgian College, then Ryereson, then Athabasca. I have worked in Community/ LTC/ Hospital/ Education/ Palliative Care. 

My Father and uncle were both polio survivors and both had long lasting effects. From a young age I always wanted to be nurse. 

The best thing about being a nurse is feeling like I have made a difference. 

Despite me encouraging my kids, neither chose nursing. 

Lisa Taylor, RN 

I graduated in 2005, so 16 years this June. I attended Seneca College/ York University.  

I have worked mostly in palliative care, but some med surg, paediatrics and LTC. I have no idea why I chose to be a nurse – I kind of just chose it out of the course catalogue because I was looking to go back to school and I figured nursing was something I could probably do.

The best thing about being a nurse… the clothing? the cookies in the kitchen??? Seriously though – the patients are the best part of this job. They are inspiring and heartbreaking. I learn so much from the people we work with. Also, I guess my co- workers are alright too…

No family members who are nurses or plan to be……I am it. 

Leanne Favalaro, RN 

I have been a PSW since 2016, RN since 2019. I attended Georgian College/York University. I have worked in LTC and now hospice. I chose to be a nurse to help people.

The best thing about being a nurse is being a hand to hold and an ear to listen when people need me the most.  

My twin sister is a nurse! 

Lorraine Garland, RN 

I have been an RN for 50 years. I attended Women’s College Hospital. I have worked with Mentally and Physically challenged people doing immunizations; running a small Emerg– Huronia Regional Centre Orillia; Hugh McMillan Centre Toronto; Hospital nurse- Medical; Addiction Research Centre. Toronto Medical; Community/Visiting Nurse.