COVID grey zone



  • HGT Medical Director allowed full access to HGT/Campbell House.
  • Physicians are welcomed into the building for face-to-face visits once weekly. MRPs following their patients should be encouraged to utilize OTN (virtual visits), or phone consultation with HGT nurse.
  • Pass screening at the time of visit to ensure no signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable illness.
  • Up to 2 essential visitors (max 2 at a time) per patient permitted into HGT/Campbell House in the grey level/lockdown zone.
  • Only the 1 designated visitor is permitted to stay overnight per patient.
  • Alternative non face to face visits encouraged such as window visits, Skype, Facetime, Phone, Text.
  • No outdoor/indoor visiting permitted.
  • Visitors required to wear level 2 surgical mask which will be provided.
  • Visitors arriving from red and grey zone areas are required to wear a gown while visiting at Campbell House.

At HGT/Campbell House, we recognize patient and family-centered care as a guiding principle in the policies and processes we develop. We have recently updated our visiting policy which is intended to balance this principle in association with the most current Ontario Health and Ministry of Health guidance regarding patient visitor recommendations. Aligning with the Province’s “Framework for Reopening our Province” and COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open, a phased approach for reopening to visitation will be employed.

Determining when to reopen (or reduce) visitation will depend upon:

  • Virus spread and containment in the local area (North Simcoe Muskoka) and at HGT/Campbell House
  • Health system capacity in acute care, Long Term Care (LTC) and at HGT/Campbell House
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply
  • Staffing and resources

Please contact our staff if you have any questions with regards to our current visiting policy. Hospice Georgian Triangle recognizes that each patient and their family have different needs. Patient and family members may request additional visitors. All requests will go through an approval process. Please note that although all requests will be considered; not all requests will be granted. During COVID-19 pandemic, visiting restrictions are essential for the protection of our patients, staff and visitors.