Need grief and bereavement support?

Hospice Georgian Triangle offers one-on-one support to individuals who want to express their grief and receive suggestions on coping with the huge feeling of loss. These meetings can be at home, in a coffee shop or at Hospice. Length of sessions depends on individual assessments.

After a staff assessment, you will be matched with a trained volunteer for six to eight meetings. You will receive peer support when you are ready to share your grief and allow time for personal reflection. Individual counselling is also offered from staff.

Group grief support

This is a six-week program offered four times a year. These could be general grief support or specific to special groups: spousal loss, parental loss, child loss or adult child loss. This program provides education on what grief is and also draws on peer experience on feelings of loss and how to cope with these feelings of grief.

Seasonal support group

These are unique types of support groups made available at different times of year such as religious celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Bereavement Day to name a few. Discussions focus on how to cope, remember, honour and pay tribute to the loved one who is now gone.

More than 150 individuals receive bereavement and grief support from Hospice Georgian Triangle each year.

Since the death of my husband John, I have received continuing grief support from Hospice staff. Help is only a phone call away! Respect, dignity and professional care during one’s end-of-life journey matters! – Susan McKenzie Hough

We’re here to help.