My parents (Barnstaple, North Devon, UK) always supported their local hospice. They were on a monthly plan where the equivalent of $14 per month went directly from their bank account to the hospice coffers. They also supported the various other events held during the year with modest donations. They did this for many years together, and my 94 year old Mum continues the support to this day. This is where I began my interest.

When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer it wasn’t long before he was sent into the loving arms of the North Devon Hospice, where they took extraordinarily great care of the head of our house. He passed away a week later. I got to the UK in time to visit him in the hospice. The wonderful care they gave to Dad and the rest of the family (and there’s a lot of us), was warm, loving and caring. I cannot express my feelings clearly enough to say how wonderful they all were.

When I returned home to Collingwood I knew I wanted to volunteer, and ‘do my bit’. I waited a year to make certain it wasn’t just a ‘flash in the pan’. It wasn’t, and here I am. I really do enjoy my volunteer visits.

Pat Alborough, Hospice Georgian Triangle Volunteer