Four years ago, my wonderful, independent, beautiful, 95-year-old mother passed away with dignity while in hospice care in Owen Sound. Up until she became ill, she had been living and caring for herself in her own condo. After becoming sick she wanted to return home and did so for a few weeks but even with help soon realized she was declining quickly, so hospice care became the next step.

What a life changing experience!

She was given such loving, compassionate, respectful and dignified care that she rallied and at one point they considered sending her home. Our family was treated with such empathy, consideration and kindness. We were encouraged to be with Mom as much as we wanted. My husband and I spent the last 7 days of her life all together, sharing stories and memories, laughing, crying and cherishing every remaining moment. How honoured we felt.

I am a retired RN, and after 45 years of working in an NICU and having the honour and privilege of seeing the beginning of life… I now have the honour of being a part of the end of life, while at the same time providing support to the family.

Being given the privilege of volunteering at Campbell House allows me to pay back.

How very lucky am I.

Lou Richardson, Hospice Georgian Triangle Volunteer