I started volunteering at Hospice Georgian Triangle in 2017. My career was in the healthcare field and I found it especially rewarding to care for palliative clients. I was a volunteer for Hospice Simcoe for 9 years and I enjoyed going into people’s homes to provide respite care while volunteering with their organization.

When the email went out from Hospice Georgian Triangle looking for people who would be interested in assisting to start up a resource library within Campbell House, I knew that I had found my niche! I have assisted in setting up the library, working in it and reading and reviewing books from our library and writing reports to be displayed around the house to pique the interest of those who come into the house for whatever reason. I have always been an avid reader, so it suited me 100% to be involved in our library.

I have also taken the training to be a grief and bereavement peer support volunteer. I lost my husband 12 years ago and I certainly understand how grief feels and I know what physical and emotional manifestations can arise. I have only had one grief and bereavement client so far, but I am eager to have another once restrictions are lifted around COVID-19.

Palliative care is something that I am passionate about and volunteering with Hospice Georgian Triangle provides me with a way to help people along one of the most important journeys in their lives.

Heather Bostock, Hospice Georgian Triangle Volunteer