Each year on the third Tuesday of November, Canada observes National Grief and Bereavement Day, a day dedicated to those experiencing grief and loss. This year, the day falls on November 21st, and it’s an important reminder of the silent journey many individuals and families undertake during times of bereavement. The Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) encourages us to use this day to support those living with grief.

Grief can leave us at a loss for words, but our actions can still convey deep empathy and understanding. National Grief and Bereavement Day 2023 calls on everyone to take action, to be present, and to walk alongside those in grief.

At Hospice Georgian Triangle, we offer compassionate care for those navigating these challenging times. Our grief and support services provide emotional support and practical assistance to those in need. From counseling to bereavement care, our team is here to help individuals and families.

On this National Grief and Bereavement Day, let’s unite to break the silence surrounding grief. By reaching out with kindness, we can make a significant impact, bridging the gap between isolation and healing.

Share your experiences with grief and support on social media using the hashtags #Grief2023 and #ReachOut. To learn more about our services, please visit Hospice Georgian Triangle.

Your support makes a difference. Consider donating to the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation to help us continue providing essential care and support services.

Support over the Holidays

Additionally, for those seeking support during the holiday season, Hospice Georgian Triangle offers a Grief and the Holidays Drop-In Group. This event is tailored to help individuals cope with the added emotional weight the festive season can bring when one is in mourning.

Together, we can create a community of understanding and support for those in grief.