Hospice Georgian Triangle has attained accreditation from Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO) for Campbell House hospice and community hospice programs.

HPCO Accreditation is an independent certification program dedicated to improving the quality of care for palliative individuals, their caregivers and the bereaved. A hospice achieving this accreditation has undergone a detailed assessment to ensure their organization has strong governance, operational, service delivery, fundraising and quality improvement processes in place.

HPCO Accreditation gives assurance to individuals receiving care, partners, donors, and volunteers that HGT follows industry standards and has been recognized based on a rigorous review of operations and performance by industry peers.

“This has been a significant undertaking for our organization, particularly during a pandemic. We participate in HPCO Accreditation to improve our management and operational systems and to demonstrate capability and evidence effectiveness across numerous standards and measures.”

“We want to uphold the highest quality of care, compassion, and innovation that our organization is known for. In this respect, it was important for us to receive professional peer validation from Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. We want our patients and their families to have peace of mind about their care before they even walk through our doors.”

“It is because of the dedication and hard work of our highly skilled and compassionate staff and volunteers that this achievement has been possible. Thanks to Sarah Rody Spencer for her leadership and HGT’s Accreditation Team who worked tirelessly to pull together the policies, supporting documentation and descriptions of our processes. Over 300 pieces of evidence were submitted to accreditors for review. I would also like to thank our volunteers who have undertaken extensive training to ensure that they fully understand their scope of practice and the legislative and legal requirements. I am extremely proud of our team and I look forward to taking the next steps with them on our continuous quality improvement journey.”

Executive Director Trish Rawn:

Hospice Georgian Triangle provides compassionate care in the home and at Campbell House for individuals and families dealing with life-limiting illness, living in the communities of The Town of Blue Mountains, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Clearview Township. Care programs come at no cost and focus on the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both the patient and family, enhancing quality of life.

The Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation was established in 2012 as a registered charitable foundation (registration number 831085089RR0001) dedicated solely to raising funds for Hospice Georgian Triangle.

To make a donation: www.HospiceGeorgianTriangle.com/Donate