May 2021

Trish Rawn officially becomes ED!


Trish joined Hospice Georgian Triangle in July 2019 as Interim Executive Director. She has an extensive background with 20 years experience in palliative care and more than 25 years in healthcare in the Collingwood area.

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"Is it wrong for me to talk about dying with my loved ones? I am afraid it will only cause them distress.”

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April 2021

Why I volunteer – Linda Atkins


I spent my whole working life in the health care field. For 52 years it was never about the work, it was always personal.

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Award Winner Susan Bible


Four or Ninety Four, we all want the same thing, to know we matter & to know we are heard.

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Why I volunteer – Lou Richardson


My husband and I spent the last 7 days of her life together sharing stories and memories, laughing, crying and cherishing every remaining moment. How honoured we felt.

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Why I volunteer – Marti Milks


Every time, I step through that front door, I get so much more back than I can ever give. People ask me, “how can you work there”, and I tell them every time… it’s such a beautiful place.

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Why I volunteer – William Hammond


In July 2016, my grandma went to Hospice in her final hours because Hospice was just like home, and she wanted to relax before she passed on.

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Why I volunteer – Heather Bostock


I started volunteering at Hospice Georgian Triangle in 2017. My career was in the healthcare field and I found it especially rewarding to care for palliative clients.

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