At the changing of every season, Ellen Oelbaum visits Campbell House, to make sure the entrance is welcoming and beautiful.

You see, Ellen is a local stylist, and she lends her creative talents to Hospice Georgian Triangle in many ways. One of those ways, is filling the urns that flank the main entrance into Campbell House. She does this at the changing of each season, in memory of her grandmother Dorothy Fogel.

It is always such a heartwarming experience to be greeted by the amazing staff, volunteers and family’s of loved one’s visiting the facility. Hospice is very special to me and I am very appreciative that they continue to allow me to to be creative in memory of my grandmother Dorothy Fogel.

Ellen Oelbaum

Thank you Ellen for all that you do, and for being a member of the Hospice Georgian Triangle family!

Ellen Oelbaum Stylist