When we launched this event in early March, we set a goal of $140,000. The Ontario government recently asked Hospice Georgian Triangle (HGT) to do more by granting approval to open our additional 4 beds, bringing our residential hospice to a 10 bed facility. This means our funding needs increased and is why we determined that raising $140,000 for this important annual event was required. It was a lofty goal, more than we ever raised before, but it was what we needed. Then COVID-19 happened! We  realized we would not be able to hold our traditional in-person event safely, so decided to turn the event into a virtual one. Of course we had no idea what to expect, and decided to lower our goal to $80,000.

Well did this community ever respond! They rallied around HGT, as they have always done. To date we have raised $111,397.48! And that number continues to climb. We have officially raised more this year than ever before in the 10 year history of this event.

So THANK YOU to each and every person who registered as a participant, who spread our message to their friends, family & neighbours, who donated to the event through a particular individual or team, or who shared their community building images and videos with us. We reached out to our community, and they heeded the call. In a big way. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts!