April 2021

Why I volunteer – Pat Alborough


My parents (Barnstaple, North Devon, UK) always supported their local hospice. They were on a monthly plan where the equivalent of $14 per month went directly from their bank account to the hospice coffers.

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Why I volunteer – Sue McKenzie Hough


I originally volunteered to be on the Hospice Georgian Triangle Foundation Board because of my personal experience; respect, dignity and professional care during my husband’s end of life journey. I wanted to give back.

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Volunteers Wanted!


Today is April 1st, and that is an important date. Not because it is April Fools! But because Volunteer Appreciation Week falls in April. Here at Hospice Georgian Triangle, 80% of our workforce is made up of volunteers. So we are celebrating Volunteer Appreciation MONTH! And what better way to start out this important month, than to put a call out there for more volunteers!

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