April 2021

Why I volunteer – Linda Atkins


I spent my whole working life in the health care field. For 52 years it was never about the work, it was always personal.

Why I volunteer – Linda Atkins2021-04-30T16:14:40+00:00

Award Winner Susan Bible


Four or Ninety Four, we all want the same thing, to know we matter & to know we are heard.

Award Winner Susan Bible2021-04-24T13:45:55+00:00

Why I volunteer – Lou Richardson


My husband and I spent the last 7 days of her life together sharing stories and memories, laughing, crying and cherishing every remaining moment. How honoured we felt.

Why I volunteer – Lou Richardson2021-04-23T15:26:17+00:00

Why I volunteer – Marti Milks


Every time, I step through that front door, I get so much more back than I can ever give. People ask me, “how can you work there”, and I tell them every time… it’s such a beautiful place.

Why I volunteer – Marti Milks2021-04-20T15:47:28+00:00

Why I volunteer – William Hammond


In July 2016, my grandma went to Hospice in her final hours because Hospice was just like home, and she wanted to relax before she passed on.

Why I volunteer – William Hammond2021-04-16T20:46:24+00:00

Why I volunteer – Heather Bostock


I started volunteering at Hospice Georgian Triangle in 2017. My career was in the healthcare field and I found it especially rewarding to care for palliative clients.

Why I volunteer – Heather Bostock2021-04-14T18:46:06+00:00

Why I volunteer – Barb Gotuaco


I am a retired nurse who spent many years as a Manager on the Medical Unit of our local hospital. This gave me first-hand experience observing families struggle with the dying process and resultant grief.

Why I volunteer – Barb Gotuaco2021-04-09T16:58:27+00:00